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Welcome to Laboratorios Sirga

Laboratorios Sirga S.A. is a company located in Masalfasar - Valencia (Spain) whose main activity is the industrial manufacturing, packaging and labeling of agrochemicals for companies in the sector, which are those that market them with their own trademarks and through their distribution networks. Laboratorios Sirga S.A does not market or market any of the products it manufactures directly. It only offers services of industrial production, packaging and labeling.

The agrochemical products can be divided into two large groups: Phytosanitary and Fertilizers. Laboratorios Sirga is authorized and legalized to formulate and package both types of products for its customers.

Formulation of phytosanitary products

In the case of Phytosanitary product formulation projects, each client must provide the composition and "know how", which will be protected with the appropriate confidentiality agreements, as well as at least the active component of each formulation, and the design of the label .

Formulation of Fertilizers, Plant Nutrition and Ecological

Laboratorios Sirga S.A offers the possibility of studying, developing and producing products with the composition or mixture that the client considers most appropriate to market in their area, provided that the product is technically viable, and at reasonable prices.



Quality control

In order to ensure that all products formulated at Laboratorios Sirga meet the specifications established by each client, or failing that by FAO, there is a laboratory fully equipped with instruments and qualified personnel to carry out all physical checks and chemicals that require different types of products. Unless otherwise indicated, all tests and determinations are made according to the methods published by CIPAC.

Analysis of External Samples

The laboratory of quality control of Laboratorios Sirga S.A is designed and assembled in order to carry out the necessary determinations to ensure the quality of the products that are manufactured in the plant. However, an external sample analysis service (not produced at the Laboratorios Sirga plant) is offered to carry out the determinations described in the section on Quality Control.




Why choose Laboratorios Sirga

Experience in formulation

After almost 60 years dedicated to the production of agrochemicals, the experience acquired has been transmitted, and is part of the most important asset of the company. The company has been adapting to the needs of the market and new trends in the production of products, to adequately meet the demands and expectations of customers.


Over the years Laboratorios Sirga has built a reputation as a serious company, in terms of compliance with the commitments acquired, as well as strict compliance with the confidentiality agreements signed with customers.


The facilities of Laboratorios Sirga have been designed in such a way that they allow undertaking both large productions and small orders. The transitions and cleanings between different fabrications are made quickly and easily. Semi-manual facilities allow special tasks that would not be possible with fully automated machinery, thus accommodating to meet the special demands of each client.


Laboratorios Sirga has a complete quality control laboratory, fully equipped, and trained technical personnel, dedicated exclusively to the quality control of each and every one of the batches of product that is produced for each client. They are labeled, and they keep samples of retention of each lot, as well as a record of trazabilidad of each one of the produced batches, that remain at the disposal of each client.

We are not competition

Laboratorios Sirga does not have any type of commercial network, so it does not directly market any of the products it produces, so that in no case is it the responsibility of the clients to whom it provides its production services to maquila.


Aware of the bad reputation lately acquired by agrochemicals, Laboratorios Sirga has all the licenses, authorizations and insurance necessary to legally develop the activity. It also has perfectly legalized facilities for this, and with security measures above the required standards. The ISO 14001 certification indicates the commitment with the environment, through waste management adjusted to the norm.

A compromise with quality

The inescapable commitment to quality is a must to achieve excellence in business.

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