We offer services of industrial manufacture of agrochemicals, with quality, experience, flexibility and seriousness..

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Laboratorios Sirga S.A. is a company located in Masalfasar - Valencia (Spain) whose main activity is the industrial manufacturing, packaging and labeling of agrochemicals for companies in the sector, which are those that market them with their own trademarks and through their distribution networks. Laboratorios Sirga S.A does not market or market any of the products it manufactures directly. It only offers services of industrial production, packaging and labeling.

The agrochemical products can be divided into two large groups: Phytosanitary and Fertilizers. Laboratorios Sirga is authorized and legalized to formulate and package both types of products for its customers. In the case of phytosanitary products, they are formulated for companies that have them duly authorized and registered by the competent authority of the commercialization area. Fertilizers, Vegetable and Organic Nutrition Products, are formulated for companies in the sector that market them with their brands through their distribution networks.

Laboratorios Sirga guarantees and is responsible for the correct formulation of the products, following the manufacturing instructions received, so that they meet the specifications established for each of them, delivering the products in perfect condition. In all cases the owners of the products (both phytosanitary and fertilizers) are the owners of the same, and the legal persons responsible for any event arising from their commercialization and application.


Based on the commitment of the company to improve the services offered, and adaptation to the demands and needs of new services requested by customers, the following projects are currently underway:

  • Installation of an automated line for the packaging and labeling of solid products (soluble powders, wettable powders, dispersible granules, soluble granules, dusting granules, etc.), for different sizes of open sack (for sewing or welding) up to 25 Kilos, which complements the solids packing machine in aluminized sheet for sizes from 100 grams to 1 Kilo, already existing.
  • Automation and improvement of the liquid packaging line in 20 or 25 liter containers.
Company Foundation

Mr. Francisco Pascual Raga, founded Laboratorios Sirga with 1 employee, dedicating himself to the small production of detergents

New Bussines model

The company begins the collaboration with companies of the agrochemical sector, focusing already on formulations to maquila.

New location of the company

Move your facilities from an urban low to an industrial estate starting at a location with a greater projection for the company.

The corporate model

The company becomes a S.A., being 100% of the shares of family character.

The definitive location

Relocates its headquarters to its current location in the Polygon of the Mediterranean.

The new acquisition

The storage surface is extended by the acquisition of bordering land

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