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LABORATORIOS SIRGA, S.A. as a company that designs, manufactures and markets agrochemical products, it is committed to developing an integrated quality and environmental management system that, in addition to integrating all the components of your Organization into the responsibilities of sustainable management, participates in this Policy of Quality and Environment to clients, suppliers, official organisms and other companies of the sector. This commitment will be reflected, specifically, in:
• Commitment to the continuous improvement of the processes and their effectiveness.
• Strengthen customer loyalty achieving maximum satisfaction.
• Compliance with the client's requirements, legal and regulatory that apply to it and others that LABORATORIOS SIRGA, S.A. subscribe
• Systematic and periodic analysis and evaluation of the activities, products and services provided by LABORATORIOS SIRGA, S.A. and that can interact with the environment, in order to identify them and establish the necessary controls for their lower environmental impact and pollution prevention.
• Rationalization of the consumption of natural resources and energy.
• Prevention and minimization of emissions, discharges, noise and waste generated as a result of its activity.
• The best technologies that are viable in each activity will be used.
• Provide adequate training and awareness to the staff that favors the development of this policy.
• Maintain mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers in order to increase the capacity of both to create value.

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