We offer services of industrial manufacture of agrochemicals, with quality, experience, flexibility and seriousness..

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Laboratorios Sirga S.A formulates all type of products destined to the vegetal nutrition, between which it is possible to emphasize products based on:

  • Soluble marine algae
  • Marine algae in raw
  • Amino acids in powder or liquid
  • Humic acids soluble solids or liquids
  • Solid or liquid foliar fertilizers
  • Liquid Organic Matters
  • Complexed or chelated microelements
  • Polihidroxy acids
  • Fertilicers flows

Laboratorios Sirga S.A offers the possibility of studying, developing and producing products with the composition or mixture that the client considers most appropriate to market in their area, provided that the product is technically viable, and at reasonable prices. In the case of non-phytosanitary products, the intention of Laboratorios Sirga SA is to provide high quality products so that each client distributes them with its own brand, its label and its packaging model, so that each client is working for your own brand. All liquid products can be packaged from 10 cc containers up to 1,000 LGG. The solid products are offered in bags of 20/25 Kgs. Small containers, consult. 

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