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The facilities of Laboratorios Sirga are prepared for the formulation of the following types of phytosanitary products:

  • Concentrated Suspensions (Flows) Herbicides and Non-Herbicides
  • Suspoemulsions Herbicides and No Herbicides
  • Concentrates Emulsifiable Herbicides and Non-herbicides
  • Soluble Liquids Herbicides and Non-Herbicides
  • Wettable Powders Only No Herbicides
  • Soluble Powders Only No Herbicides
  • GA3 Effervescent Tablets

The facilities are designed so that there can be no cross contamination between herbicide products and other products. Herbicides are formulated and packaged in completely independent facilities dedicated exclusively to this type of product. By having only one production line for solids, only non-herbicidal products are formulated, in order to avoid cross-contamination. In the case of Phytosanitary product formulation projects, each client must provide the composition and "know how", which will be protected with the appropriate confidentiality agreements, as well as at least the active component of each formulation, and the design of the label . Laboratorios Sirga S.A. It is completely flexible in terms of who contributes the rest of the elements necessary for the preparation of the final product, such as adjuvants, surfactants, solvents, inert fillers, containers and packaging.


Laboratorios Sirga always asks its clients for a written accreditation that the phytosanitary product to be formulated is duly authorized for distribution, sale and application in the country of destination of each product.


It is worth noting a wide and extensive experience in the field of the formulation of Concentrated Suspensions (Flows) and Suspoemulsions, for which there is a colloidal mill, a horizontal microbead mill, and three vertical microbead mills, as well as homogenizers, dispersers and packaging machines that allow packaging from 10 cc containers up to 1,000 liter GRG. with cover by induction, batch marking and automatic labeling. The laboratory, perfectly equipped and with qualified personnel, performs all the physical and chemical controls necessary to ensure that the quality of the product meets the specifications of each client, issuing the corresponding bulletin and analysis certificate for each batch of formulated product. In all types of formulations the final product is used palletized, shrink-wrapped and perfectly identified and with the corresponding ADR labeling for transport.

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