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In order to ensure that all products formulated at Laboratorios Sirga meet the specifications established by each client, or failing that by FAO, there is a laboratory fully equipped with instruments and qualified personnel to carry out all physical checks and chemicals that require different types of products. Unless otherwise indicated, all tests and determinations are made according to the methods published by CIPAC.

Physical test
  • Density of liquids
  • Apparent denstity of solids
  • Moistening of wettable powders
  • Dispersibility of wettable powders and dispersible granules
  • PH suspension
  • Conductivity
  • Granulometry by laser diffraction of liquids and solids
  • Wet sieving
  • Flammability point in closed cup
  • Viscosity for Ford Cup and Brookfield
  • Stability of emulsions
  • Perssistence of foam
  • Cold Stability Accelerated Storage Stability Moisture
  • Discharge capacity
Chemical Assayss
  • Gas Chromatography with FID detector
  • Liquid Chromatography with UV / Visible detector
  • Liquid Chromatography with diode alignment detector
  • Optical ICP Chromatography
  • UV / Visible spectroscopy
  • Evaluations

A representative sample of each batch of manufactured product is analyzed and an analysis bulletin is issued where the obtained values appear. The sample is coded and stored for 3 years. The laboratory is also equipped for the development and development of all types of formulations, both phytosanitary products and fertilizers. Suitable agitators and dispersers are available, as well as a laboratory-scale microbear mill for the development of Concentrated Suspension-type formulations (Flows). A planetary mill for the micronization of solid products is also available.


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